PA Network Scotland is a space made for PAs by PAs. It’s a place to have your voice heard, your questions answered, and find employment and training opportunities in your region.

Who is a PA?

A personal assistant is employed to work directly with one or more individuals, to support them with various aspects of their daily life so that they can live it in a way that they choose. A Personal Assistant is a person directly employed/contracted by someone in receipt of SDS and/or Independent Living Fund Scotland to help them to live independently. One or more PAs may be recruited to meet their support needs.

As a personal assistant you may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work. The diversity of the role and having the opportunity to focus on the needs of an individual, is what often attracts people to PA Employment.

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Who are we and what do we do?

Let’s be honest. Being a personal assistant isn’t always easy. It’s hard to understand unless you’re in it, which is exactly why the Personal Assistant Network Scotland exists. A professional organisation created for PAs by PAs; PANS is a free community built to make your life easier. 

The PANS Mission

A professional membership organisation developed for PAs and shaped by PAs to provide access to employment, training, and regional networking opportunities. In doing so, we will enable you to share knowledge, skills, and experience with fellow PAs and drive changes that are required for the future.

Our Mission

Our Funders and Stakeholders

PANS is funded by the Scottish Government and facilitated by WEA (Workers Educational Association) to address the challenges faced by PAs in Scotland.

Our Funders & Stakeholders

The PA Programme Board

The Programme Board plays a key role in offering tangible outcomes to support improvements to the working terms and conditions of PAs in Scotland. PANS is an integral part of the programme board.

The PA Programme Board

The PA Advisory Board

Made up of network regional reps and key individuals, the PA Advisory Board will be a place where you’ll be listened to. Taking in your concerns, your suggestions will be used to bring about change.

The PA Advisory Board