Our Funders & Stakeholders

Meet the people that make PANS what it is.

Who is behind the PA Network Scotland?

PANS is a bespoke platform built to support and address the concerns of PAs across Scotland. But how is PANS funded?

The PA Network is a joint initiative funded by the Scottish Government and facilitated by WEA, which is the Workers Educational Association. The purpose of PANS is to address the challenges that PAs face around every Scotland region.

The PA Advisory Board and PA Programme Board

Then, we have the PA Advisory Board. This will be a network of regional reps and key individuals whose role will be to listen to your concerns and make recommendations to the PA Programme Board.

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The PA Programme Board is another crucial piece of the PANS puzzle and is in place to support positive outcomes for PAs in Scotland.

Members can speak to those in positions of power to enact change and suggest improvements based on your experiences, as proposed by those on the PA Advisory Board.

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