The PA Programme Board

The Programme Board plays a key role in offering tangible outcomes to support improvements to the working terms and conditions of PAs in Scotland. PANS is an integral part of the programme board.

What is the PA Programme Board?

The Board is formed of PAs, employers, Scottish Government, Independent Support Organisations, PANS and more, with the shared aim of ensuring the integration of PAs into the overall social care workforce.

The board ensures PAs are recognised as part of the social care workforce of Scotland, tackling issues that undermine this and providing tangible outcomes to support improvements.

The PA Programme Board is the link between PANS and the Scottish Government, in place to raise issues that affect you in your role.

How does the PA Programme Board work?

  • The PA Programme Board works in conjunction with The PA Advisory Board, who have direct communication with PAs around Scotland.  
  • Recommendations are made to relevant government officials to enact change.
  • Courses of action are also taken to make sure PAs are recognised as members of the Scottish social care workforce.
  • The board meets every quarter and will address all issues raised by the PA Advisory Board.

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