Our Mission

PANS is a professional membership organisation developed and shaped by personal assistants.

What is our mission? 

For personal assistants to be recognised by and integrated into Scotland’s health and social care workforce. We strive to make sure PAs are valued by individuals and communities across the country, for their contribution to the delivery of our National Care Service.

At PANS, we provide:

  • A professional space made by PAs for PAs.
  • Access to employment opportunities across Scotland.
  • Training in your region and online, built around your needs.
  • A place to discuss your concerns and more importantly, have them addressed.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with fellow PAs.

By working together, we can drive the changes that are required for the future.

Our values

The values for PANS will be developed in conjunction with Personal Assistants and led by the Personal Assistants Advisory Board once it is in place in 2024.