Being a personal care assistant is so much more than a job. It's a vocation. A calling - fulfilling but not always easy.

Providing care and support to others is rewarding in itself. Knowing that you're needed and what you do has a meaning is even more special. Not many people feel this way about their careers. But there are also challenges involved in a PA's role. Working as a Personal Assistant in health and social care means a great deal of responsibility.

Personal assistants may sometimes feel isolated, disconnected, on their own. It may be difficult to establish a professional relationship with an employer, especially if it's someone you know on a personal level.

The truth is that nobody can better understand the demands and challenges of being a personal care assistant than other PAs.  This is why Personal Assistant Network Scotland came to life. A joint initiative of the Scottish Government, WEA, an organisation that pioneered the idea of adult education and UNISON, one of the largest trade unions in Europe - Personal Assistant Network Scotland is a space created especially for PAs.

What Personal Assistant Network Scotland has to offer:

  • Networking events - for PAs from all over Scotland to meet each other
  • Training sessions based on learning needs identified by the PAs
  • Space, both online and offline, for PAs to discuss their needs and share their experiences

Personal Assistant Network Scotland is a place where PAs can talk about their concerns, get the answers they need and have their voices heard.

What you'll find on our website:

  • Online training resources
  • Information regarding Network Meetings and training opportunities
  • Forum to exchange experiences and receive peer support
  • Links to various sources of information relevant to PAs
  • Career, training and funding advice

Join us if you want to:

  • Access a supportive network of other care workers
  • Find out about training opportunities in your area
  • Have your voice heard
  • Learn online and offline
  • Meet and work with other PAs
  • Share experiences
  • Make new friends
  • Learn about your rights at work


Are you thinking about working in health and social care?

If you're considering working in health and social care and especially becoming a PA within Self Directed Support, you're welcome to join Personal Assistant Network Scotland.  Visit the Knowledge Base section on our website, where you'll find articles related to PA careers, training and funding.