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Latest news and blog

  • Palliative & End of Life Care Workshop

    Palliative Care & End of Life Workshop - Summary

    On the 14th June the PA Network hosted a free Palliative & End of Life Care Workshop in Kilmarnock with a group of PA's travelling from Ayrshire, Glasgow and beyond to attend.

  • Guest Blog - Michael Gettins

    The PA Network is delighted to bring you a Guest Blog slot from Michael Gettins. Michael has attended a couple of our Network events in Ayrshire in his role as a Unison Representative and has been a source of knowledge and expertise from his own career as a Social Worker and working in Social Care across Ayrshire.


PA SDS case studies

  • Jean & June

    Following her brother’s death, Jean now employs a close knit team of PAs to help her lead the life that she wants to live.

  • Bryan & Mark

    Bryan from Glasgow has taken back control of his care and now enjoys the support, friendship and laughter of Mark his PA.

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