TEC-Enabled Support

Technology that’s purpose-built to make everybody’s life easier.

Technology Enabled Care 

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is a useful asset when it comes to supporting independent living. Designed to make things simpler for PAs and clients alike; smart technology gives people more control and choice in their lives. 

But what are these devices and how do they work?

Useful TEC Aids 

Personal Alarms

Allows a person to speak to an operator via a two-way speech link. If needed, the operator can also call emergency contacts.

Pill Dispensers

Keeping track of medication can be difficult, but pill dispensers with reminders and set timers make things simple for PAs and clients.

Locator Devices

Is your client always losing reading glasses, keys, your wallet, or even the remote? Locator devices are made for those prone to losing things and help them keep track of their personal belongings.

Stove Alarms

Never leave the cooker unattended again courtesy of stove alarms built into household appliances.

Memo Reminders

Motion sensors can be placed strategically around the home to help people remember important items. For example, one by the front door means they won’t forget your house or car keys when they leave.

Smart Speakers

These are used for all kinds of tasks, from music selection to reminders, controlling other smart home devices, and more, all without the need for any touch points of keyboards. Voice activation makes everything much simpler for elderly people. 

More Information

TEC-enabled devices come in many forms. For more information about the innovations happening in the smart home sector, visit the Policy Connect website below.

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