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We are delighted to be a part of the PA Programme Board that has been set up with the aim of identifying potential solutions to ensure that PAs become integrated into the social care workforce with the same recognition, rights and support as every other worker.

As part of this work, we’d like to make sure that as many people with lived experience of being a PA employer, or a PA, can be involved in setting the agenda and workplan for the Board. To do this, there will be three engagement sessions facilitated by an organisation called Matter of Focus. Matter of Focus specialise in supporting organisations to collect information and use this to show how they meet their outcomes and goals. The dates for these sessions will be on:

  • Friday 24 September: 10am – 12:30pm
  • Friday 1 October: 10am – 12:30pm
  • Friday 8 October: 10am – 12:30pm

We would like people to be able to attend all three sessions, but if this was not possible, it would still be great to have you there for one or two sessions.

The Scottish Government has launched its public consultation to seek views ahead of the creation of a National Care Service.

The consultation sets out some of the options for delivering social care that empowers people to thrive. It recognises that significant cultural and system change will need to be supported by new laws and new ways of working.

At a minimum, the new National Care Service will cover adult social care. However, the consultation also asks whether its scope should be extended to other groups such as children and young people, community justice, alcohol and drug services, and social work.

We encourage everyone to take part in the consultation, which includes the consultation survey and a series of online consultation events in August September and October, before the consultation closes on 18 October..

The Scottish Government are keen to attract experienced people to apply for social care vacancies and would like to put out the following message - 

 “The COVID pandemic has made it clearer than ever that we have a highly professional and dedicated world-class social care workforce in Scotland. Throughout the pandemic, the social care workforce has worked tirelessly to continue providing vital care and support in our communities.

 We acknowledge and appreciate the important role that Personal Assistants have played over the last 18 months and given your previous social care experience, skills and the appropriate qualifications, we would like to share with you, a link to wide range of posts are that are currently available including sessional, part-time and fulltime roles.

 To find out more about current vacancies please go the My Job Scotland website

Urgent Reminder - Scottish Government Thank You Bonus Payment for PAs
The application portal for PAs to apply for the government bonus will close on the 25th August. Please make sure you don't miss out.
If you have not yet applied for your bonus payment please click on the link below to apply whilst you still can. If you know any other PAs who might not have applied please remind them before it's too late.

‘A dedicated online and paper based application form, administered by Scotland Excel on behalf of the Scottish Government, will be launched on Wednesday 30 June 2021 to pay Personal Assistants who are eligible to receive their £500 payment for NHS and Social Care staff.

 The Scottish Government has worked with disabled led organisations and payroll providers to find the quickest way to reach Personal Assistants.

 The Scottish Government recognises the unique place that Personal Assistants and Personal Assistant Employers hold within social care and we encourage all eligible Personal Assistants to claim for this payment in recognition of their invaluable work throughout the pandemic.

Resource launched to help disabled people employ their own support staff

Self Directed Support Scotland has launched an update of the Personal Assistant (PA) Employer Handbook, first published by the Scottish Government in 2014. We are delighted to have contributed to this excellent resource. Personal Assistants can also source some useful information within the handbook.

With thousands of PA employers across the country, and with tens of thousands of people accessing Self-directed Support (SDS), it’s important that both current and potential employers under Option 1 of SDS have access to consistent and good-quality information at all stages of their employer journey.

Being a PA employer allows someone using SDS to exercise the maximum amount of choice and control over the support they need. It enables them to choose the people that support them, at a time that is right and in a way that works well for them. Becoming a PA Employer also involves responsibility, sometimes requiring further information and support.

The Fair Work in Social Care Group is working to establish a basic understanding of effective voice within the voluntary, third and independent sectors. The definition of effective voice is the ability of employees to express their views, opinions, concerns and suggestions, and for these to influence decisions at work.

The task of the Social Care Group is to recommend a minimum set of standards for effective voice for those working in social care, in line with the principles of Fair Work.

Free Learning Opportunities for Direct Payment Personal Assistants.

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