In here you’ll find lots of sources of information about being a Personal Assistant.

Click on the links below for further information on topics including:

  • Administration of medication
  • Hints and tips for healthy eating
  • Moving & Assisting
  • Backcare
  • Health & Safety at work

Look out for our handy "e-notes" coming soon. We are also currently revising our Personal Assistants “Toolkit” which we will ask you to contribute to at our training and networking sessions in 2015.

Your Rights at Work – a guide for PA’s and their Employers (PDF)

For some general information about Self Directed Support including the Self Directed Support Act, users guides and national strategy on Self Directed Support - visit the Scottish Government website

The Knowledge Network at NHS Scotland has a range of information, a link to the Open University Self Directed Support course and some online resources for Personal Assistants.

Further information is also on the support workers portal and care for older people portal. These can be found at:

Healthy Eating

It’s hard trying to strike the balance between healthy, nutritious and varied diet when cooking for yourself let alone someone else. For inspiration, quick & easy recipes from healthy soups to hearty meals and even low fat home baking – this new Scottish website is great for PAs that cook for their employer with ideas you can use at home too. Great for everyday Scottish cooking on a budget, the website gives costs per portion and Watch tasty meals being made in step by step videos, and keep you and your employer safe with hygiene and food preparation tips. It also gives you practical tips for special offers and information about what is on in your area.

This website from the food standards agency is about eating a balanced diet with ideas and calorie/fat content on everyday breakfasts, lunches, snacks and main meals.

Health & Safety

Whilst overall it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure your health & safety at work in their home– everyone has a role to play. If your job includes moving, lifting and assisting your employer you should receive training and then regular refresher training to keep both you and your employer safe. We are looking to develop some resources specifically for PAs but see the link below for Health & Safety links covering basics such as Moving & Handling, Challenging Behaviour and Slips and Trips:

Back care

Take care of your back at work:

Health & Safety help for UNISON members

Trade unions provide sound support and advice to their members on a variety employment rights issues and Health & Safety at work. We are working with UNISON, the largest trade union for the health and social care workforce in the UK, to provide further resources specifically for Personal Assistants, but you can get a flavour by clicking the link below:

Administration of Medication

Again there is nothing specific for PAs around medication as some of you will and some of you won’t do this as part of your role. This is something we also hope to work with UNISON on providing using their extensive knowledge from their members in social care, health, homecare and schools. Below are some links to general information:


Useful links to check symptoms are below – but please be aware these are general and not condition specific and should not replace procedures your employer already has in place:

Scottish Social Services Council - SSSC

Our work means the people of Scotland can count on social services being provided by a trusted, skilled and confident workforce.

Keep informed with news from the SSSC and the social service sector:

If anyone has any questions regarding SSSC and Self Directed Support then Alison Guthrie from SSSC will be happy to help in any way she can. Alison can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 01382 346428


Twitter: @SSSCalison

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