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Palliative & End of Life Care Workshop

Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:50

Palliative Care & End of Life Workshop - Summary

On the 14th June the PA Network hosted a free Palliative & End of Life Care Workshop in Kilmarnock with a group of PA's travelling from Ayrshire, Glasgow and beyond to attend.

Michael Gettins led an interesting and informative introductory workshop with all attendees taking part in discussions, group sessions and flipchart exercises. 90% of those attending evaluated the workshop as ' excellent' and many were keen to explore the topic further.

The Workshop covered a number of aspects including

  • what Palliative and End of Life Care is and is not about
  • the role of the PA in delivering care and support to people with various illnesses
  • what the main issues and challenges are for PAs, the service user and family
  • using person centred techniques to focus on the needs and wishes of the service user
  • opportunity to explore and practice having "Difficult Discussions"

Although PAs are already working with people with life limiting and life threatening illnesses, for some this was the first time they had been able to discuss and explore what this means and what their role is in supporting each other, the service user and their families.

One area of focus within the workshop is to begin considering the individual needs for PAs themselves as a means to safely engage in the process and provided some light hearted amusement which proved healthy within the discussions.

While all the feedback was very positive what it did do was highlight the need for more training to be offered, inlcuding perhaps rolling out this training and for additional workshops to be developed for person centred care and support planning.  Watch this space!


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