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New website and network launched for Personal Assistants in Scotland

Monday, 15 December 2014 15:25

This is a free network for Personal Assistants (PAs) who work directly for the person they support (or their families). Some PAs can feel quite isolated due to the one to one nature of the work they do, so we want PAs to use the website to support each other and tell us what free training we can offer to update skills. 

On the website, there are sources of support and advice specifically for PAs.  You will also find:

More information

  • Personal Assistants are employed directly by the person they support or their families as a result of self-directed support (SDS) or direct payments which gives those with a disability choice and flexibility over the support they need
  • This project is being delivered by WEA Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government, it aims to engage with Personal Assistants to set up a network across Scotland and offer them support at work
  • The Personal Assistants survey is currently open at

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