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Peace of Mind Project

Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:24

Cultivating Communities across Scotland

Peace of Mind is a new innovative project offering a range of supports and services to people with 10 or less hours of self-directed support per week.

It will initially cover North, South and East Ayrshire and hopes to extend to other parts of Scotland in due course.  

Supporting PA Employers:

We can support you to "pool" your support hours to:

  • Employ Personal Assistants using Option 1;
  • Engage a care agency using Option 2
  • Use Options 1 or 2 along with Option 3 to create a flexible care package of support that suits you;
  • Find other people in your area with small hours of support; similar interests and personal outcomes to create natural support networks;
  • Offer unique “Pooled Direct Payment” insurance for employers

Supporting PA’s:

We can support PA’s to:

  • Find vacancies with PA employers in your area;
  • Find additional hours working as a PA at times that suit you;
  • Access a range of training and qualifications to assist you work as a PA



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