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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 11:53

We are pleased that the PA Network has successfully secured funding from Scottish Government to continue and develop our services to PAs.  However, in an attempt to maximise the work we can do and the current limited use of the Forum, we regret to advise that the Forum part of our service will close shortly.  The remainder of our support will remain in place and we will continue to provide a phone, email, online and face to face support network to PAs.


We are in the process of establishing online closed Facebook groups by region which will give you the opportunity to share information and seek advice from PAs within your local area.  In addition to the main PA Network page these will also allow you to share local events, services etc which may be of interest.  If you are interested in being involved in a local Facebook for your area please get in touch at

We will continue to share information on both the website, social media pages and also via our mailing list.  If you are not already signed up to that please visit and click on the Stay Informed button. Registration is FREE and we will issue details of local and national PA Network events, any development opportunities and also key items of interest on a regular basis.  (As anyone who is already signed up can confirm we send around 10-20 emails per year and don't envisage this increasing too much over the coming year).

Should additional funding become available or we find new ways to create an online closed forum we will look to re-establish should PAs feel it is of value.

Thank you for your support in signing up to the Forum and we look forward to continue working with you as we grow the PA Network in other areas.

Sharon & Les

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