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Funding and training

To become a Personal Assistant in Scotland there are ways to get financial support to get you started, as well as courses to get the skills you need to care for your client.

Future Learn Course

This Future Learn online course is designed to help you choose the right personal assistance relationships for you, whether you’re a disabled person or a personal assistant. It’s based on new evidence about the close working relationship between disabled people and their support workers – and how to improve it.

For more information click on the following link -



Do you want to find out more about Self Directed Support legislation and the principles? Our learning partner The Open University (OU) has updated its online Foundations for Self Directed Support in Scotland and it is structured as follows:

Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs) are for people who are 16 or over and living in Scotland and are for individuals who will benefit most from this support.

The SSKS website contains lots of information and support for PA's and they have recently added new resources to their self-directed supprt portal.  For more information click on the link below - 

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