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Adult Protection - Acting Against Harm

Throughout Scotland, adults are at risk from all kinds of harm.  Harm can be physical, psychological, financial or sexual.  Harm can also mean neglect.

Everybody has the right to be safe and well looked after.

The Act is there to protect 'adults at risk'.  An adult at risk is defined as someone who: can't safeguard themselves, their property or their rights; is at risk of harm; and is experiencing:

  • a disability
  • a mental disorder
  • illness
  • physical or mental infirmity

If you, or someone you know, is at risk of harm don't ignore it.  if you've Seen Something, Say Something. Contact your local social work department and share  your concerns.  Everything you tell them will be dealt with in the strictest confidence - you dont even have to give your name, if you don't want to.

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