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Joining a Union

Ten good reasons to join a Trade Union....


...statistically in a unionised workplace:

  1. Earnings are 8% higher
  2. The average Trade Union member gets 6 more days annual leave per year
  3. Less injuries at work as employers provide a safer workplace
  4. Better compensation if you are injured at work
  5. 12% more parental policies in place above statutory minimum
  6. More and better job-related training
  7. More likely to get 'equal pay for equal work'
  8. 50% less likely to be sacked
  9. less likely to be discriminated against
  10. Part of an intentional network to share good practices

The PA Network Scotland was developed in partnership with Unison Scotland - it should be noted that other trade unions are available and we cannot endorse one over the other.


(original text taken from Blog from Michael Gettins published on this site Feb 2016)

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