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Dealing with a Seizure (Fit)

Dealing with a Seizure (fit)

It is often frightening witnessing someone having a seizure especially if you don’t know how to deal with it. We have brought this Top Ten Action Points from the Epilepsy Society which will help when faced with a seizure. Generally a seizure is not a medical emergency and usually once the convulsions stop recovery is quick.   The best advice seems to be ‘Stay Calm’ but if any doubt phone for medical assistance.

  • Stay Calm
  • Look around – check that the person is in a safe place, do not move them but move objects away from them if possible
  • Note the time when the seizure started
  • Stay with them
  • Cushion their head with something soft especially if they have collapsed to the ground
  • Don’t hold them down
  • Don’t put anything in their mouth
  • Check the time again – if a convulsive seizure doesn’t stop after 5mins, call an ambulance
  • After seizure has stopped, put them into recovery position. Check breathing returns to normal, check nothing blocking their airways. If breathing sounds difficult call for an ambulance
  • Stay with them until fully recovered

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