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Meet Davie who has been a Personal Assistant for the last three years to Tam. Davie was a builder for twenty years before retiring and becoming a taxi driver where he met Tam by taking him back and forward to appointments and to the local day centre.

After building a rapport over the years, Tam explained to Davie he would soon be directed his own support and asked Davie if he would be interested in working directly for him as a PA.

Davie decided to give it a try and says it’s one of the best things he has ever done. Being a PA has been an education says Davie, and getting to know and used Tam’s idiosyncrasies and facilitating his independence has meant the two have built more than a working relationship. Although Davie is clear Tam is the boss!

Davie uses his knowledge of the roads to take Tam on days out across Scotland and Davie uses Tam’s trivia knowledge when they compete as a team at the pub quiz down the local on a Tuesday night. Davie feels he could benefit from the Personal Assistants network just meeting others and chatting about their roles. He also wants to learn more about administration of medication, healthy eating and planning meals for Tam.

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