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Demi is new to the role of Personal Assistant and qualified as a hairdresser beforetaking a break to look after her daughter. Demi was approached by a family friend to help out with their daughter Sharon

Sharon is a teenager who has a mild learning disability and several health problems.  The family were looking for PA to help facilitate Sharon’s independence and encourage her to meet other young people in the community. Demi says she has a great relationship with the family, and they come and go so she can work her hours flexibly around what Sharon wants, and caring for her own daughter.

Sharon is a real girly girl and makes the most of Demi’s hair and beauty skills enjoying pamper nights getting her hair done and experimenting with makeup. Working in small village – Demi doesn’t know any other PA’s so thinks the Personal Assistants network will be a great opportunity to meet other PA’s and exchange ideas with them.

Although she has a contract, Demi wants to find out more about roles and responsibilities and what her rights at work are as a Personal Assistant. 

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